It is very difficult to learn photography?

Quite a lot of people always mention that it is not easy to learn photography. The Top three difficulties they are always complaining included: First it is not possible to take a good picture if you don’t have some professional machine or equipment with you. Second, photography machines are very expensive, you need to keeping spend a great amount of money for developing this hobby. Third, not just money, you also need to invest a lot of your own personal time on it. Only for finding a great, wonderful view or location, you probably need to spend a whole day for finding or wait for it.

For this topic, Jassie Bakhshi’s advices is Many things look like easy in the world however when you really try to spend time to understand it, learn about it deeper or even going to advanced level, you will know it is definitely not as easy as you think. Just like singing. It seem like if you can talk, you have a mouth and vocal cord then you can just preform a song beautifully. Yes, you are right if you see it is just for fun. However if you would like to be a singer, a professional vocal couch and an expert you will find out that it is actually hard, deep and profound. The more you learn the more you may find out you actually have way more thing haven’t understand, discover and learn yet….

Jassie Bakhshi reminds us, always remember your original goal, idea and mission. Believe yourself. People say it is hard to learn photography, Jassie Bakhshi says always listen the voice from your heart and present it through your own pictures. Then it must be the best picture in the world and Ttis photo is not just a picture but also including some meaningful message, memories, love and character which you would like to present to the world. Enjoy the hobby, enjoy the world, enjoy photography!



Cherish & Freeze Your Life Moments

A good quality and skillful photographer can help to freeze and store your important life moments and special memories alive and completed forever.
In different stages of our life, we have various major moments. Graduated from University, Wedding ceremony, Pregnancy, first time to have a New born baby, Family trip et cetera. We all want to keep these major moments perfectly and of course it would be good if we can capture it by using a professional and special ways.

(I guess it is why Beyoncé has spent a long time to design and make her Pregnancy photoshoot that special, meaningful, artistic and made everyone leave a deep impression.)

Lot of women, love to take a series of photoshoot at the age of twenty something to thirty, hope to freeze their youth, beauty and the best in pictures. This time you do need a professional, passion, good personality and experienced photographer do it for you.

Don’t forget, a smart profile photo can definitely help to make you resume more charming, attractive and professional as well. If you want to have a good profile photo, use a smart portfolio to attract prestigious company to pick you out of a thousand candidates. You cannot use a selfie or self-photo taken at home or your friend by using a normal smartphone with low quality lighting.

Choose a right, suitable photographer for yourself is not as easy as you think. Jassie Bakhshi is an experienced and full passion photographer, not only grateful photography skills and techniques he can also provide some of his own professional ideas and advices which make you show you best in the picture for freezing all of your important life moments perfectly. You can visit his wonderful works and photoshoot at his Facebook: and website: . If you want to book Jassie Bakhshi, Contact him in either sites now to talk with him and get his professional advices.


How well do you realize yourself?

You thought you have full passion in something; you thought you have loved someone enough, you thought you truly want these stuff however when difficulties come and it requests you to sacrifice some of your parts, you may suddenly discover that you actually not really into that thing/person. Some people used most of their life time chasing money, luxury, vanity etc., in the end of their life they may just understand that what they truly desire is honesty, love, commitment, happiness and health. Sometime we just realize how much that person/thing means to us when we lose it….

So how to realize yourself more to guide you make a right decision everytime for yourself and your life?

For Jassie Bakhshi, he suggested first spend more time with your own self. Spend at least one or two hours alone everyday in the morning or the end of the day. In this noisy world / workplace, we always overlook our true needs. Provide yourself some quiet and independent moment, can helps you connect to your inner wisdom. Think about what you are facing recently, how it affects your goal. What you have learnt through the lately challenged and new people that you have met. Remember always ask yourself questions, stimulate your brain to think what truly make you happy and satisfied; it can help to straighten your belief.

If you have time, design a sola trip for yourself definitely not a bad choice. Explore new place and people who from other countries & have different culture can give you a whole new ideas and prospective. Solving problem alone through the trip can make you more understand your personality. Take some pictures, cherish this moment and enjoy every single time, find out who you are when ton of people trying to tell you what you should become. It is why Jassie love to schedule a solo traveling for himself sometime, take lot of wonderful pictures with his professional photography skill during the trip and share all those beautiful moments, what he has experienced and learnt in his site all everyone afterward. You can visit  for his wonderful works.

Second, he suggested that you can got a new book, write down what you have think and inspire you, how you feel during your dependent moments. Of course it is good to take with in your solo trip, write a journal during your trip every single day. Trust him, you must find it is worth to do it after.

We are changing, learning and improving everyday. Do not underestimate your potential and ability. Believe yourself that you can do everything. Don’t be scare to try new thing. Look back some old photos and the journal that you have wrote, the sentences that you wrote for encourage yourself you mind, you can more realize your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t afraid to face your weaknesses, admit and accept it, make it become your motivation to do better. After all you will be surprised that you are more and more understand yourself and feel satisfied.


Enjoy Photography

Nowadays everyone take at least one or two digital devices with them every single day. For playing games, checking International News, sending email for work, shopping online etc. Of course one of the most important functions is we can easily take pictures everywhere with our digital devices. For Jassie Bakhshi, Photos is not only a piece of paper, It is an emotional, love and story saving. Preserve the most meaningful, unforgettable and wonderful moments in our life. Jassie Bakhshi who has strong passion for photography and travel, he is also an experienced and professional photographer. What he must take with him for traveling is always those professional decent  cameras, he enjoy capturing the most impressive views an moments during his trip and sharing to everyone after in his social media accounts, to remind us how beautiful our world actually is. Through his pictures, he also wants to call attention to everyone that we should pay attention to the people, views and things that around us. Don’t focus all of the time on work, try to understand the inside beauty of other people, our family and friends. In Jassie’s pictures, you can see happiness, love, touching, honor, peaceful, beauty…..

More and more teenagers are interested to learn photography, one of the reasons might be advanced digital devices. Here are some little tips for you to take professional pictures with just your phone.

  1. Pay attention on lighting

If you want to take a great photo, lighting is always the most important thing you need to pay full attention on. Always make sure your subject is well lit. If you are indoors, remember keep the light to your back is just as important.

  1. Keep your phone steady

Even just a slightest shake, it will also completely ruin your picture.  Is good if you have some tools to assist you or you can download some apps to help counteract the effect of shaking.

  1. Clean your phone lenses regularly

Remember to clean all the dust and finger smudges before you take picture. They will absolutely affect the quality of the image. Use microfiber polishing cloth to clean you phone lenses before you ready to take picture is the best way to go

  1. Composition

When you take pictures, place a visible grid lines on your screen to make it easy to visualize the image with the rule of thirds in mind. Placing the main subjects directly along the grid lines can often lead to a stronger composition.

  1. Make good use of various photo effect

Not only your phone camera provides photo effect function, lot of different photographic application also provide ton of photo effects for free. Use those effect wisely can make your images have totally different feeling.

Rules can help you capture a better picture however don’t forget “Enjoyment” is the most core thing. Follow your mood, your feeling and present emotion, make your own and unique pictures.  Enjoy!

Jassie Singh

Jassie Singh is an experienced photographer. He has a huge passion for photography and travel. He always pleasure to capture all the special moments and unforgettable stories for you, preserve those for your life time.

Whether you are looking for Wedding photography, Family portraits, Children photos, Sport/ Special event photography, Professional portfolio or Outdoor shots, he can undoubtedly do a perfect work for you.  For him photography is much more than a print on a piece of paper. It is an emotion, love, story and a moment to cherish forever.

Except photography work, he also loves to travel around the world. Capture the most beautiful view, the most interesting thing and memorable experience in different regions of the world. Share his works to everyone like share all the beautiful things to all of us.

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